Information about dancing at Studio 181

Lessons in English

All our classes are taught in English when foreign students are in class.

Seasonal schedule 2019-2020

For the class schedule see our schedule page (Dutch).

Rates dance and exercise lessons

Trial lesson
1 lesson

Block 1
13 lessons
Block 2
11 lessons
Block 3
11 or 9 lessons
Annual payment
10% discount
11 or 9 lessons
Children 45 min€ 5€ 110€ 93€ 93 – € 76€ 266 – € 251
Children 50 min€ 5€ 122€ 103€ 103 – € 84€ 295 – € 278
Children 60 min€ 5€ 137€ 116€ 116 – € 95€ 332 – € 313
Parent & child€ 7€ 171€ 145€ 145 – € 118€ 414 – € 391
Adults 60 min€ 5€ 157€ 133€ 133 – € 109€ 381 – € 359
Adults 75 min€ 6€ 182€ 154€ 154 – € 126€ 441 – € 416
Adults 90 min€ 7€ 211€ 179€ 179 – € 146€ 512 – € 483

September promotion

Register now for a second lesson and receive a 50% discount on that lesson for the rest of the year! For the serious dancaholics among us who need three dance shots per week, we have the promotion of 3 lessons for the price of 2!

Block 1 – 13 lessons: 5 sep 2022 t/m 16 dec 2022 (incl. 1 run-off week)
Block 2 – 11 lessons: 9 jan 2023 t/m 31 mrt 2023
Block 3 – 9 or 11 lessons: 3 apr 2023 t/m 30 jun 2023

Note: due to differences in holidays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays have a total of 33 classes this season.

Students receive an invoice for the lessons after registering. The due amount should be paid into the account of Studio 181 within 14 days upon receipt of the invoice.

Studio 181 now offers discount cards for Pilates and Yoga lessons.
A discount card for 8 lessons costs € 105 and is valid for 12 lesson weeks.
A discount card is personal and non-transferable but may be used once to introduce a guest.

You can order a discount card by sending an email to We will then send you an invoice that you can transfer by bank. The card is then ready at the latest the next class in the studio.

A cancellation period applies to registrations:

Cancellation for block 1: before 15 august
Cancellation for block 2: before 15 december
Cancellation for block 3: before 15 march

15% discount with a student card!

Register now for one of our dance lessons!

Advantages of Studio181

> Students may join a block whenever they wish. The fees will be adapted to cover the lessons attended.
> Students may register for individual blocks and need not complete an entire year. Cancellations should be submitted by email or via the cancellation-form on the website at least two weeks before the commencement of a new block.
> Students who register for an entire year up front receive 10% discount on the annual fee. Cancellation during this period is not possible and will not be refunded.
> Students with a university student card receive 15% discount.
> Students receive 10% discount on each additional course they follow and for each extra family member attending a course.
> Students with a university student card are eligible for support from the Jeugdcultuurfonds Rotterdam.

House Rules

  • Studio 181 is closed during school holidays.
  • Students may join a group at any time during a block. The fees will be adapted to the number of lessons remaining in the block.
  • It is not compulsory to complete an entire year. It is possible to unsubscribe at the end of any block provided it is within the stipulated period of notice.
  • Students receive an invoice for all lessons. The amount should be paid by bank transfer within 14 days or in cash at the Studio.
  • Trail lessons should be paid in cash at the Studio immediately after the lesson.
  • Students may be eligible for reduced rates if they attend more than one lesson a week or a family member attends a course at the studio.
  • Please contact Studio 181 if it is difficult to pay the entire amount at one time.
  • Students should inform the teacher beforehand if they are unable to attend a lesson. This should be done via WhatsApp or on the contact page on the website.
  • Missed lessons may only be made up on Flex subscriptions.
  • Should a teacher be unable to teach a class, Studio 181 will do all it can to find a substitute. If it cannot and the lesson has to be cancelled, it will either take place at a later date or students will be reimbursed for the lesson they missed.
  • The dance floor may only be walked on in socks, suitable indoor shoes or on bare feet. NO outdoor shoes!
    Prams and pushchairs may not be brought into the Studio.